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Bear Advice

raptor28 7 June 1
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We have to go deeper into the trees before we do number 2.

LEPeff Level 8 June 1, 2018

Not really

@Johnsalterego yeah, YOU go tell him where to poo. I'm not, lol

@Blindbird black bears don't freak me out too much, they're lazy critters looking for an easy meal that won't fight back. Brown bears are a whole different story...

@Johnsalterego well, I'M never going back the woods.

@Blindbird The green canister they were both near at the end of the clip was a deer feeder - looks like he was feeding something other than deer, that's why they were hanging around. The only time black bears are really dangerous is if you come between mom and her cubs, otherwise they're big wussys 😉

@Johnsalterego I'll be damned if I'll be making that distinction! I see a bear I'm gonna assume it's a damn grizzly & behave accordingly!

@phxbillcee pretty easy to tell apart - hell, I outweigh an average black bear. A Brown bear is 3 or 4 times my size. I'm not wandering woods much where Brown bears are, but I've been 30 yards from black bears...

@phxbillcee @blindbird I'm not this brave, but this is your average bear meeting

@Johnsalterego to be fair Finns have a reputation of being bad asses.


And if ya shake it more than twice...