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For when you have no real argument and it is time to start making shit up...

Rudy1962 9 Mar 4
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Took me a moment to recognize Arnold...

Querubin Level 4 Mar 11, 2018

It's naht ah toomah!

Nebroxah Level 6 Mar 5, 2018

Not a clue...

MikeFlora Level 7 Mar 4, 2018

It's humor people....The movie? Kindergarten Cop?

Rudy1962 Level 9 Mar 4, 2018

Hahahah! Looks like fake news to me - I mean literally. It looks like a liberal lefty made that meme to make the conservative righty look bad. No true pro gun rights person would be dumb enough to release a meme like that.

This is how topsy-turvy I see the U.S.A. of today.

It was still funny though.

SamKerry Level 7 Mar 4, 2018

So we should all arm babies!


The usual, exception as the norm! I call this kind of thinking grasping at straws.

& setting up strawmen!

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