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In a christian, racist nation this was sold as a toy... guess the Nation... clue: before nra.

GipsyOfNewSpain 8 Mar 6
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Gypsyofnewspain posted this. The fuck?


Also reminds me of the book Little Black Sambo. My dad had a copy that was basically a cartoon book. He denied having it. Bs. I've read it, and my mom has seen it too!


What the fuck? Mind if I share this on the oddities group. I'll give you cred.

All yours... How Racist white ameriKKKa been must be put forward and Spread for all to know. I am still debating because Japan is a Uniquely One Trunk Racist Nation... they even protested over there when a mixed african american and japanese was selected Miss Japan... the Miss Japan completely acted as any other Japanese Female I ever seen but they protested because being Mixed she could not be Miss japan because japan is not Mixed... that is RACIST but go ahead not that problem in ameriKKKa.


Disgusting 🤢


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