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What the hell are we doing? We have a president that makes Nixon look like the Pope and if he had shit for brains it would be a major improvement. We're kicking Russians out, Russia is kicking a lot of people out, like the cold war is starting again. Ammosexuals are still refusing to give in the slightest bit when it comes to gun control. Education is the last thing to cut the budget on, but some teachers have to work extra jobs to live. We are 5% of the world population and we use 25% of its resources, but considerable numbers of people in this country either go to bed hungry or homeless or both. In the last presidential election the Republican party told just shy of 3 million people to go fuck themselves and made Trump president anyway, even though the majority of voters wanted Clinton. This country was founded on Gov't of the people, by the people, for the people. We are the only non 3rd world country that winning a majority of votes doesn't mean you get to be president. We are not the greatest country in the world anymore, and I sure do miss it.

MikeFlora 7 Apr 3
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I hate to date my age, but its the old addage,the rich and gready against the poor and needy! All over again every time america fergets it history it repeats it self, and the american people are so preoccupied with everything the boob tube lies its ass off to them, and propaganda like we old people were told about seems to have been revitalize again!

busterboy Level 5 Apr 5, 2018

we have become a 3rd world country fast it is the begging of the end if they are not stopped in their tracks


So we are not living in a democracy and don't make the mistake of even thinking we are living in a representative Republic as the Reptilians (opps I mean Republicans) will argue. We are not. The 2016 vote was hacked everyone is afraid to say it.


marmot84 Level 7 Apr 4, 2018

Could not agree more. When Trump used the term "shit hole" countries, he could have been referring to the US as is today. I am very afraid of where all this is heading. I do not see a way out except through confrontation and that scares me too. Even if the Dems pull off winning enough seats to take the Republican majority away, I do not see them making a significant impact on turning things around because they are just as bad, in many ways. We are in a deep pile of shit.

Seeker55 Level 8 Apr 3, 2018

I don't think Trump is going to make it to reelection, the problem is Pence isn't any better, although he does have experience in gov't which means he could possibly square things with the rest of the world. On the home front though he's worse, religious nut.

@MikeFlora I don't think Pence is much of a step up from Trump, myself. The swamp is thick with snakes and alligators and other undesirables, to the point that draining it seems like an impossibility.


Sadly unsurprising

Miss ya', Hunter!

excellent point


This may explain a bit...

Note the date!

Mencken "nailed it!!!"


Note: The deportation of Russian diplomats is a show for the media. Russia is allowed to send replacements.

What has America done wrong? I could name one: gave people rights to corporations.

SamKerry Level 7 Apr 3, 2018
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