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Today's Mass Shooting Totals

Gun violence has taken a sharp turn for the worst this year. This far, there have been 587 mass shootings on American soil.

Less deaths than the "norm" but WAY more victims per incident.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Nov 27
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Please do the math, how many average number of victim per 587 shootings ? Is it 4 up from 3 ? So the body count & survivorS exceeded 3 thousand ? Betcha Chicago has more than 4% of the total victims


I know several people who love to tout the left is gonna take away your guns or I support the 2nd Amendment lets see how many are brave enough to share this.
It always cracks me up and I can't help but respond. I'll say, I support the 2nd Amendment but be honest how many of you have been at the shooting range or just out in public and thought, "Damn, that guy really should not be allowed to own a gun?" Be honest. I'm fine with people who want to own a gun to protect themselves, their property and their loved ones. Thing is if you want a gun because you fear your government you clearly do not understand tanks. ALL the left wants is to not have guns in the hands of crazy people, which btw it ain't black people, immigrants-legal or not, or other people of color going around shooting up schools, churches and malls. It's crazy white males doing all the shooting. My sister actually came back with but blacks commit more murders. While this is a true statement it is blacks killing blacks not running around killing whites. Course she gets her facts from fox and oann. And before someone posts a story about a black man killing a white, yes it happens but statistically NOT at the rate many in certain media outlets want to frighten people with.

So true. Even the right-leaning FBI states VERY clearly the biggest threat to American lives are right-wing extremists. And taking that one step further, 56% of the arrests during Trump's reign for terrorism or terroristic threats AND firearms by felon violations have been???? Right wingers.

I've always found this perplexing. Being honest, I've lived in white states. Idaho has something like 2-4% African American population (likely BSU football players!) and the midwest, which is patchier but still HIGHLY white. Are all of these people afraid of their white neighbors? Because the Hood doesn't roll up on into suburbia to shoot their guns. The stay on their own Block(s.) Common sense. It's such a lacking/lagging thing!

Excellent true synopsis and challenge to gun is not just tanks, helicopters, infrared snipers, drones and depleted uranium artillery shells the kkk and other xian survivalists " DON'T UNDERSTAND " THE only way to humanize fascist Amerikkka is to vote WWW.HOWIEHAWKINS.US 2024 AND ratify the 1st Amendment in 27 more states 50 thousand persons per Congressional District completing all 12 BILL of RIGHTS RESTORING local democracy in Congress send 6000 honest locals to outvote the bribed 435 incumbents there now

@SeaGreenEyez My high school was 40% black which was whittled down to much less by the time of graduation but 1-8th grades was very white and as I recently discovered was modeled after the Levittown model right down to basically only selling to whites. At 20 I moved to WA State where there were blacks but the white folk had more of a racial focus against Native Peoples, Mexicans (did not have the term Latinos in the 70's) and Asians. It really was fox that got many more white people fearful of blacks as that fear seems to have pretty much grown out of the southern states mindset. Seems on the east coast Puerto Ricans were 2nd to black Americans as far as whites being fearful of the other.
Black people can be just as tribal. I was with a friend in Oakland we were headed to Home Depot, she is black and the looks I got - whoa daggers. We laughed in a sad way how human nature is so fucked up!!

@silverotter11 Yes, every time I have been to the US I am surprised how very seldom one sees black and whites together and I am not talking about couples but just friends.


Simple equation: more people plus more guns = more deaths/injuries.

floWteiuQ Level 6 Nov 27, 2020

and yet still the US refuses to accept that their are systemic civil problems inherent in the societal system.

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