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Sadie and I enjoyed the Kentucky spring in my back yard yesterday.

DharmaBum50 7 Apr 12
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Perfect spring pix and smiling pup.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Apr 12, 2019

Great pic!

Lilac-Jade Level 8 Apr 12, 2019

What a happy dog on a lovely day.


it is snowing right now as i type. minnesota sucks.


genessa Level 8 Apr 12, 2019

I'll have to agree with you there--at least as far as weather is concerned.

@DharmaBum50 it was spring for a couple days and i built a greenhouse in the back yard, just a flimsy one, and put out the plants i've been keeping safe indoors all winter. the next day the snow started.


@genessa Putting plants out is the perfect cue for a spring blizzard or frost--even here. I don't put anything out until mid-May.

@DharmaBum50 i was hasty. i was impatient. i was punished.


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