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Hmmmm, "admin" professes to "reject" online media, though not only is he here on, but he also associates a Facebook link with this group.

Think I'll just move along to the next group.

itsmedammit 8 Aug 10
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You're a polite person, I see

DZhukovin Level 7 Aug 15, 2018


Krish55 Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

From reading the group intro info. Seems to be some inconsistency. And by "admin" I mean the group host ( and not the admin of

@itsmedammit I knew that but I still don't know why you want to leave.

@brentan The inconsistency is not the only concern I have here after taking a look around. Feels a bit authoritarian to me in the intro and that is off-putting.
Just doesn't feel like a place for friendly discourse. I realize the host is not the only person here, but there are many other groups to hang out in and I am on agnostic way too much anyway. 🙂


Hi. I've just joined the group. Does it really matter what admin thinks about things. Does their opinion impinge on the rights of others to express their opinions?

brentan Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

Not sure why all that opinion needs to be in the intro.

@itsmedammit I see what you mean. He really does lay it on!


"...Not sure why all that opinion needs to be in the intro..."

It's not a bad point. I do think to some extent this is an issue that pertains to more than one group, and sometimes it has made me consider leaving or holding off on investing too much, until I get the lay of the land, but I guess to me it's case by case. I don't recall having said much here, so I guess I'm just waiting to see if a point inspires any extended thoughts for me..... Still, I have a tendency somewhat to ignore group owners and admins (other than of course trying to follow basic rules, if issues are raised).... so this leads sometimes to a tendency not to be aware when my investment may be somewhat ill-advised.

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