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Stuck at home, bored and feeling frustrated with microorganisms. So I'm spending time killing them creatively. Unlike most Americans, I'm quite aware that most viruses and bacteria would survive fine without humans, but were they all to suddenly disappear? We would all die. But, I still want to kill a bunch of them right now!

But - sitting at a workbench today I decided to see how hard I could hit microscopic life without chemically attacking them, just stuff on the EM spectrum. And . . . this is really a piece of temporary art, not a very practical creation. I'm calling it my "CoviKill Box" 🙂 It all hits a dish in the center with multiple lasers at different frequencies, about 100w of UV A/B/C, ionizing radiation, strong RF energy, high frequency audio, and very strong mixed visible light.

Again - just for fun! Cathartic artwork. When its all on my phone camera was whiting out, about 2/3rds on is all I could get a photo of. Also I was having to wear lab glasses, lots of nasty wavelengths to subject eyes to! 🙂

Oh . . . and I just realized that I need to wash hands not because of just germs at the moment, but because I've been playing with lead, tungsten & radioactive stuff!

Observer-Effect 7 Apr 1
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Low to medium level U.V. light is good for keeping both the average germs and viruses under control.
When you do your laundry, hang it on a clothes line in the bright sunlight if you can, the UV in sunlight sterilizes the laundry.

Triphid Level 8 Apr 1, 2020

Yep, pretty much. But probably only UV-C light does much to the little bastards, and most UV lights people have are just low level UV-A/B spectrum. Sunlight has all of those in it, but apparently only with clinical perfection is it dependable - so a sheet stretched out taunt, no crinkles, under hours of bright sun - (especially higher elevation sun) - works great. But most of us are dealing with a lot more variables than that, and when even a few suckers hidden away can kill? 😟

@Observer-Effect And remember that WHEN you change the sheets, etc, on your bed/s leave the mattress and pillows open to sunlight through the windows, bed mites ( not Bed Bugs) are killed by sunlight.



bobwjr Level 9 Apr 1, 2020