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Sadly in suburbia these days, I did have a few acres on the coast a little further south 8 years back, sadly property settlements and so forth, so I start again - again - again.
Son and I have a 5 year plan for this place, expires May 31st this year. We do not have water tanks in as yet, but then it hasn't rained very much. Looking at setting up a solar distillation plant for the ground water, just for drinking it is fine for the garden, the solar panel on the shed gives us 17 litres a minute via a small caravan pump in the shed stuck on the end of a 4 metre pvc pipe.A before and 2 current shots. Every plant is edible, the only palm is a coconut we mulched hundreds of others.

Rugglesby 8 Feb 14
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that is fantastic! i wish more communities would be more supportive this and not work against it.

hankster Level 9 Feb 14, 2018

Actually my local council has been awesome, they run workshops sometimes and are willing to give advice when asked, it has a number of environmental departments.

good to hear. I keep hearing in the news where they make somebody take the garden out of the front yard.


Grow food!!! Not lawns!!! very nice. I let my place revert back to the short grass prairie that it once was. Made my father mad. His precious Bermuda grass is long gone🙂 I only mowed it during the winter after the side oats and gramma grasses had reseeded. Took about 20 years but nature has a way of reclaiming herself.


wow! well done - out with the lawn, in with the bush. do your chickens move around?

at first we would move the pen around a lot, now they just get access to different areas every few days my moving a few fence panels around, funniest things are he days we let them in the pool yard,the back of it is full of coffee trees, they go racing up there, dig madly for 1/2 hour then queue at the gate to be let back out, then run straight back into their pen. So at my place when I say, "the girls are out by the pool" it has a totally different meaning.

@Rugglesby L 😀 L ! i totally have a thing for chickens; can watch them for hours.

we moved from Nimbin to Pottsville in 1995, my son was devastated that we couldn't have chooks here. This is my 3rd place here and his 2nd and after we bought it I found the rules had changed and we can have up to 5. He takes his cat and my dog outside and they sit with the chickens. Like you say, you can watch them for hours.