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Fresh new ideas for creating a sustainable society at the individual, family and community level. Suggestions from members even if they haven't been able to iron out the bugs. Not for rehashing ideas that have been out there for a long time, though new ways of doing things are .. Read more

Fresh new ideas for creating a sustainable society at the individual, family and community level. Suggestions from members even if they haven't been able to iron out the bugs. Not for rehashing ideas that have been out there for a long time, though new ways of doing things are .. Read more

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I only found this group last week, and there's a lot of crossover with Ecology and environment for our Future group, and the discussion group from that, Common Cause Focus Group which is more active - I wrote to the founder @Rugglesby ...
Allamanda Nov 18 Nov 18 11
”A United Nations report released in May found that human activities have placed 1 million species in danger of extinction, many within decades.”
JackPedigo Oct 9 Oct 9 00
A question about local regulations for those who operate farms or gardens and try to sell some produce: I've been wondering to myself if an opportunity for chain or individual gasoline station operators, perhaps along with converting over to ...
kmaz Aug 7 Aug 7 22
I recently had a couple of these signs made because sometimes in trying to make a plug available (or urge others to do so) there are some nuances that come up, such as you don't want to scare combustion vehicles away from using the spot necessarily ...
kmaz Aug 6 Aug 6 00
wonderful piece painting a somewhat brighter picture of moving on. Forward Guidance The Hydrocarbon Era’s Spectacular End Replacing fossil fuels is a tall order, but it has to happen. By Liam Denning August 6, 2019, 2:00 AM MST ...
kmaz Aug 6 Aug 6 11
consequences of climate change: A PhD carbon technology expert recently claimed to me that the possibility of many lives being lost due to climate change is exaggerated and not really there in the extremes that I was concerned about. I think this...
kmaz Aug 5 Aug 5 22
Tuesday July 30 was a particularly bad melt day in Greenland, which can be seen at some of the charts at this link: This article sums up some of the issues pretty well: "....In the 1980s, wintertime snows in Greenland roughly ...
kmaz Aug 1 Aug 1 11
Citizen Science How people can help the environment through participating in scientific studies. One local example is KWIAHT Here is an example of citizen scientist in action.
JackPedigo Feb 1 Feb 1 11
Plastic free Salish Sea. More concerns/propaganda from my neck of the woods (waters) + a view of life here. I am a believer that place can shape mindset. This county is proof positive of this and this video shows it. There is a ...
JackPedigo Dec 20 Dec 20 00
I feel like I should be living in my grandparents time. Have been working like crazy past few months and it had paid off. Now 2 of my neighbours have dug there yards up and put in vegetable gardens. They have both come and asked for propagation ...
Rugglesby Dec 12 Dec 12 22
Natural systems in crisis. I found this an extremely interesting article. It says a lot about the concern we, in this area have for our local life-support system.
JackPedigo Oct 14 Oct 14 44
While in Friday Harbor, the county seat I discovered this guide. It says a lot for this area which, at one time was the food basket for W. Washington. We are the only county in this agricultural state that bans GMO farming
JackPedigo Oct 4 Oct 4 11
Someone sent me this on facebook and it took a while to find a better link. This place was recently on the cover of home power and covered in the magazine. They are about a mile from my house and is one of several on the island. When we first moved ...
JackPedigo Aug 4 Aug 4 22
1519 days after successfully escorting metgasco off the land: bentley of the northern rivers, nsw, australia - clear air, pure water, clean soil. i'd do it again, any time, for my earth. gate a, the elders' tree, camp liberty paddock.
walklightly July 11 Jul 11 55
I just got my solar energy production report for June. I produced nearly a megawatt. I also had about 3/4 of a ton of carbon offset. ?? Yeah, I can get a little geeked out about that stuff. ?‍♂️
Plamon July 4 Jul 4 55
Energy prices are to take a slight drop in most of Oz next week, I am happy, I have just contracted to sell my surplus solar for a 25% increase for the next 2 years. This will cover more of my other expenses. Nice to have a win.
Rugglesby June 22 Jun 22 33
I have 24 solar panels on my roof (no battery storage so I accrue credits with the local utility). I’ve stripped up 2000 sq ft of sod for an orchard/vineyard/garden/chicken coop. Finally got all the weeds, roses & flowers cleaned out. I plan to ...
Plamon June 15 Jun 15 77
What has everybody been up to? I have busy as all hell down here, change in seasons, ripping out old plants, getting ready for the next season. It has been great, an over abundance of most things, eating well, swapping lots. Grocery bill last week ...
Rugglesby June 2 Jun 2 22
Does anyone barter? At work we swap our own produce, and there are a couple of us, who like me are generally unfriendly so we tend to do gs for each other. ie the only people you know you can call. It may not be genuine barter of item for item, but ...
Rugglesby May 17 May 17 44
I saw this today and even though it is a bit old it applies especially these days. It referenced the "boiling Frog Syndrome" which I have posted several times.
JackPedigo May 15 May 15 33
For the sustainability group. Our local paper came out with an article about a local garden blogger. Sustainability through nature is an important virtue on these islands.
JackPedigo Apr 28 Apr 28 00
I just joined the group, Being retired now gives me more time on the farm, and live more off the land. Hoping to learn more and make friends.
kenriley Apr 23 Apr 23 33
Keeping the lights on. Just in from a local community expo on renewable energy. This is after a day of negotiations to put another 12 kw of solar on our Community Technology Centre which will double our current capacity. It was so good to see the ...
Rugglesby Apr 16 Apr 16 44
More bragging from a small, ‘insignificant’ island. We have again, become nationally famous with our progressiveness (we were the first county in the country to get “leave no trace” status and one of the first to ban GMO farms). I spotted ...
JackPedigo Mar 21 Mar 21 11
Self Sufficient Luxuries. One of the things I love about self sufficiency is enjoying what I produce myself. I grow my own coffee and lots of it. I have begun growing ginger, love ginger. A few years back I was dunking a gingernut biscuit in my ...
Rugglesby Mar 14 Mar 14 66

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