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More bragging from a small, ‘insignificant’ island. We have again, become nationally famous with our progressiveness (we were the first county in the country to get “leave no trace” status and one of the first to ban GMO farms). I spotted this at our library yesterday and want to share with this group.

The authors, Chom and Cris Greachen, are UC Berkley graduates in energy production. Chom is Thai and Chris travels extensively to Indonesia to help install systems for small towns that have no access to power. In the latest local “Weekly” newspaper there is a picture/article showing some state legislators with a small local group one of which is an Asha Lela. She is Chris’ mother and is extremely active. Recently, she went to DC to receive an award for her 20+ years of trail work and help in acquiring National Monument status for the region. In this case the group (called FLIP - Friends of Lopez Island Pool) secured a $500K state grant to help build the only public swimming pool in the county (we are the smallest in area and population of the 3 large islands but hit way above our size).

JackPedigo 9 Mar 21
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Well done, congrats. I don't travel, but if I ever found myself in that part of the world, I would certainly be there to have a look around. Most impressive.

Rugglesby Level 8 Mar 21, 2018