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I'm building a tiny house with an attached green house. It'll be off grid.

farmboy2017 7 Feb 14
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great project; please keep us posted. what material will you be using?

I've use repurposed brick for the foundation and new lumber for the framing.


awesome, would love to see pics as it progresses. Any plans yet for power/water? You will be making pottery on site as well?

Rugglesby Level 8 Feb 15, 2018

Water is on site but 100 yards away. Poer will be a Harbor Freight 100 watt solar system.

That's ok for water, especially if it is up hill a bit. With LED lighting and low power appliances these days, it is amazing how much that panel will do on a good day. In 1988 I had a 30 watt panel, some old batteries from an alarm system, a fluro light, radio and such powered from it.