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I recently had a couple of these signs made because sometimes in trying to make a plug available (or urge others to do so) there are some nuances that come up, such as you don't want to scare combustion vehicles away from using the spot necessarily in all cases, but you do want to balance that with conveying that an EV driver can use the plug if they want.


I don't get anything from it if someone buys one. The point is just to pass along the link if anyone wants to do it. Yes, there are many other signs you can buy. This one just has slightly different wording than what I normally see, and it's got a little spot to write in a note if needed (eg: something that might convey EV parking until 9:00 AM at which point folks get to work and might need the spot).

Feel free to change whatever you want (number of drilled holes, etc.) or contact them to ask for design changes if that seems worthwhile. The picture below just gives a quick idea, along with the link above. It is the link above that would be used if you wanted to modify or buy one or more.

kmaz 7 Aug 6
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