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Citizen Science []

How people can help the environment through participating in scientific studies. One local example is KWIAHT [] Here is an example of citizen scientist in action.

JackPedigo 9 Feb 1
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That's amazing with a list of achievements to verify!

I have personally been involved in some of the studies. A couple of years ago Green Crabs were found off Vancouver island. This is a very invasive species and can wreck the native species (Dungenes Crabs). A team has been formed to set crab cages and check for any greens. I did this a couple of times but it is really time consuming and one needs god eyesight. Of course this is an ongoing project. One small example.

@JackPedigo If you have god eyesight, I bet it gets tiring as well! 😉

@AstralSmoke And boring. A lot of studies take a certain kind of person. There are some here that enjoy this.