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1519 days after successfully escorting metgasco off the land: bentley of the northern rivers, nsw, australia - clear air, pure water, clean soil. i'd do it again, any time, for my earth.

gate a, the elders' tree, camp liberty paddock.

walklightly 8 July 11
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you guys are champions. I drove into Bruns on Tuesday, I love seeing that gasfree sign as you enter town.
We are also up here.
I feel better when I see people are still active, I feel society has become complacent and am disappointed in the younger generations as they do not seem to care or are less willing to take action. I hate politics but am hassling Labor to take a firm stand re Adani. They are only slightly less supportive of Adani than the Coal-ition.

Rugglesby Level 8 July 18, 2018

when it comes to the established political parties, i trust none, not even the greens. we have to take control ourselves en masse, & as far as the younger generation goes: they aren't spread thickly on the ground, true, but we even had a few backpackers from italy & japan at bentley; they stand up for the planet, overcoming the 'nimby' attitude in not just defending "their" bit of land, like so many farmers, who are mostly of the older generation, do.


So, glad to hear that you were successful blocking an O&G company. Wish I could do the same here, if they want to drill on my land I can't stop them just make it tough for them.
Pretty country just a little dry for my taste.

no need to lose heart - this here was done entirely by non-violent resistance of the communities' people, between 1,000 & 5,000 on site at any given time, 24/7 over ca. half a year, grinding nsw government & metgasco into shape.

the land, lying in an enormous, ancient volcanic crater, will be green & lush again once spring commences, in 2 to 3 months 🙂

@walklightly Like I said you can't stop them here at all, you are not even entitled to a hearing and you may only be granted one if you are directly affected; in other words it has to be on your land. Neighbours or community have no status at a hearing. Companies can also get a right of entry order and you can't even be heard at an entry order hearing as the land owner. This was one of the parting gifts the conservative gave the oil companies and because they change dozens of laws to make this happen it has left a huge mess for future governments to untangle.

@HeathenFarmer, that sounds totalitarian & oppressive rolled in one. raises my hackles.

@walklightly Its just life in a petro state.


I've become a bit confused now, I thought this thread began some days ago, not yesterday, but a couple of comments:

  • Thanks for clarifying as to who metgasco is.
  • In parts of the US, similar controversies have played out, sometimes with different endings. I remember some years back discussing with some in New York State whether they thought it would be a good idea to sell land to the companies coming in trying to drill for natural gas.
kmaz Level 7 July 13, 2018

I had the same question as @farmboy2017. But you have already answered it once. Once was probably enough, don't you think?

sometimes once is even more than enough. but here you go:



May we ask what metgasco is?

oh, sure. it's one of the companies that like to drill the earth for profitable fossil fuels.


@walklightly Got it. I enrolled my land in a permanent conservation easement. No one can drill, put wind turbines, or alter the native short grass prairie.

@farmboy2017, yes, that's the best solution. i don't know about the laws in australia, which possibly leave the owner with no rights when it comes to the crunch. in this case the farmer actually did the deal with the company, but the people were too strongly against it 🙂

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