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Does anyone barter?
At work we swap our own produce, and there are a couple of us, who like me are generally unfriendly so we tend to do things for each other. ie the only people you know you can call. It may not be genuine barter of item for item, but when one has surplus we share it around. My hot water service died yesterday, my son rang he electrician who was in another town quite a distance away. Because it was urgent he sent his father who is a retired electrician, 2 hours labour and it is all fixed. I cost me 11 passionfruit. I won't complain.

Rugglesby 8 May 17
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I would and cam going to have to. True story: two weeks ago our fridge went out. When I realized the food was thawing I figured I should cook everything I could. That's when I discovered the element had burned out on the oven. That night, the coldest night in May, the furnace went out. Have to replace the furnace, frige is fixed. Two more weeks for oven part to arrive. Shitty day by t as I tell the kids, at least we're on this side of the wall or not in Raqqa or Aleppo.

Dingodog Level 7 May 17, 2018

Wow, hope things settle soon. Reminds me of way back when I first got married. Saved up for the biggest fridge/freezer I could afford, then stocked it with meat and such. Then industrial action in our electricity industry, rolling blackouts. So, rand everyone from work, neighbours and both sides of the family and had a weekend long bbq to use it all. Did not help my finances at all.


I love stuff like this.

kenriley Level 8 May 17, 2018

you got a good deal there, Lew 🙂
sure, when i grow too many tomatoes, ginger, whatever for myself i'll go around & share with neighbours. recently i did a few hours painting for the guy who runs the singing workshop i wanted to do & could scarcely afford to pay for.

nice, that is how I like things to work.


I run a local garden share. We meet once a month and trade, swap, or share plants, cuttings, seeds, pots, fruits, vegetables, eggs, tools and anything garden or farm related.

CaroleKay Level 8 May 17, 2018

That sounds good, I am trying to encourage more people in area to grown there own, even offered propagation days to help them along, but I think so many people are just lazy.

You are correct, people are very lazy, It's really difficult to get them motivated. In my group there's just a couple people doing all the work for everyone else. I still do it because I enjoy it.

That's impressive. I'm not a member of something like that, but like sharing my produce nonetheless.

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