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For the sustainability group.
Our local paper came out with an article about a local garden blogger. Sustainability through nature is an important virtue on these islands.

JackPedigo 9 Apr 28
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I have a book, 'The Herb Book' by John Lust, copyrighted in 1974, published by Bantam Books. It has 514 plants listed, from acacia to yew, all their benefits and several ways that they can be used for better health and where the plants can be found in the wild. It also has sections for herbal recipes for specific remedies, a section on making dyes for material and other useful information. I refer to it whenever there's a health issue that I don 't want to go to the doctor for. I should really get into it more, study it and try to learn it. Definitely a subject worth the endeavor.

I will look into this.