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consequences of climate change:

A PhD carbon technology expert recently claimed to me that the possibility of many lives being lost due to climate change is exaggerated and not really there in the extremes that I was concerned about. I think this sort of headline underscores that for now it's not so easy to dismiss the worst case scenarios:

There’s a Fungus Among Us — And It’s Deadly.
Climate change is driving the spread of a fatal, drug-resistant fungus.
Nexus Media
Jul 23 · 4 min read

kmaz 7 Aug 5
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In my experience with fungi, I've found that there's a big difference between mushrooms and Athlete's Foot and Jock Itch (all of which are fungi). Many of one fills your belly and the other and the other will drive you crazy with the itching.

On a serious note, however, I know that there have been fungi the can be detrimental to Human health, like the one that's responsible for Legionaire's Disease. There are, probably, Fungi and Bacteria that we haven't seen yet, hiding in remote areas of the World and could spread because of Global Warming/Climate Change. But, some of them could be beneficial and some could be detrimental to Humans and animals alike. If we're lucky, there will be more that are beneficial to us than harmful. How lucky do you feel?


And it's rampant in Illinois, oh my!


I recently saw a documentary about this,,,,it certainly seems very possible.