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What has everybody been up to?
I have busy as all hell down here, change in seasons, ripping out old plants, getting ready for the next season. It has been great, an over abundance of most things, eating well, swapping lots. Grocery bill last week was milk and cheese only, about $21 so that's cool. Have a few other projects on the go, mostly around solar power, I have invested heavily in it and need to do the best I can to sell my surplus and recoup my costs. My current contract finishes end of June. Have been carting a few things around for people and they have paid me in fuel, so I have not had to pay for diesel for about 4 months now.

Rugglesby 8 June 2
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you sure seem to know your way around touching the dirty $$. good on ya!

A lifelong goal, and it works great, until something comes along where I have to interact with the economy, then I feel lost, prices are so high. I can live like a king for months, but one night at a restaurant just brings me down so hard. Like 6 months living costs in one hit.

@Rugglesby, look forward to the pension: you'll feel like a millionaire 😀

@walklightly I know right, I won't kow what to do with all that wealth and those perks. No car rego, pity that is about 8 years away still, until next time they raise the age.

@Rugglesby, yes, there's at least that for me to look forward to, if aging isn't exactly - 2 more months! 😉

@walklightly am kind of jealous, I was supposed to retire at 55 had I stayed in the finance industry, I would be living on a massive pension about now. It also meant spending another 25 years in a cubicle. No now 67.75 instead of 55. But at least I get to live at the beach and my days are mostly me own. 25 years of my life is worth much more than a few million dollars.

@Rugglesby, any kind of real life is worth more than dollars, which is why i'll always live on the minimum budget i learned to get along with.

  • Plug-in hybrid (Chevy Volt) going well. A majority of my miles are driven on electricity, and some of that comes from my solar panels. I fill up with a tank of about 9 gallons (I guess) of premium unleaded gasoline about once every 1,000 miles (though if my driving habits change, that number could go way down).
  • small garden, a few token berries and such, built for me by someone I hired, going well, but not a great contributor to my diet.
  • almost ran into a rattle snake last year on my roof (I have kind of a hobbit house). After 14 years of no close calls, this has significantly firmed up my desire to be cautious and not have anything to do with any further close calls.
  • unhappy with hard water solutions at my house, but that project is in background.
  • got rid of wifi at my house, all ethernet now. Spent too much money on this, and I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but you take your shot and some things in the end turn out to be keepers, some foolish, so we'll see.
kmaz Level 7 June 2, 2018

rattlesnake would throw me, I had a brown in my cupboard, luckily only about a foot long, still deadly.


It seems that the Barter System is alive and well where you are. Too bad it couldn't be Worldwide.

It is among a few of us, not traditional barter, more we swap among ourselves, what we don't swap gets thrown in together and who ever wants it takes it. Then what is left we donate to the wider community. A lot of my fruit comes back to me in jams and cakes. Nice, but not so much for my weight.