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Plastic free Salish Sea.

More concerns/propaganda from my neck of the woods (waters) + a view of life here. I am a believer that place can shape mindset. This county is proof positive of this and this video shows it.

There is a concerted effort to make people more aware of plastic pollution especially around water areas.
Nikyta is passionate (you can tell) about trash and recycling (and trying to corner me into volunteering for the local ‘dump&rsquo😉. She is the local recycling expert. ”Culture of convenience creates waste”

JackPedigo 9 Dec 20
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We have the same problems here on the East Coast, too. I have a sister that lives near the Gulf Coast and she says the problem is there, too. It's all over. Not just the Sea Waters, but Fresh Waters, such as Rivers, Streams and Lakes. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find out that this is occurring in the Great Lakes as well.

We have a group here in Virginia called S.T.O.P. (Save The Old Piankatank) The Piankatank River is one of the tributary rivers that flow into the Chesapeake Bay. They remove , not just Plastics, but other trash as well. Old tires, shopping carts, cans, bottles and even cars, some of which were stolen. It's sickening, literally, what people throw into our waters. There are people trying to make a living from fishing, gathering clams and oysters in their seasons and the World Famous Blue Crabs that can be found in plenty in and around the Bay. But, they can't make a living, because the Government has put some places off limits because of the pollution. We have to stop killing our planet! After all, we have to live here!

I think people need to go to some developing countries to see how bad things can get. I also don't understand homeless camps. How can people live in such squalor. Maybe it has to do with depression.

@JackPedigo Yes, my Grandparents and Parents told of the camps and homeless villages that popped up throughout the country after WWI, during the Great Depression and after WWII here in the US. It's still going on in almost every country today. Too many refugees running from wars and famines caused by those wars. Here in the US, many of the homeless are Veterans from Vietnam and the wars in Iraq and Afghanastan. They deserve better than what they're getting.

As far as the question of HOW they can live that way, it's simply a matter of doing what you have to do to stay alive. If you look back throughout history, the homeless populations have always been around and their numbers grow after a war has been fought. About half are Veterans of those wars and half are those displaced by those wars. It doesn't matter how far back in recorded history you go they've always been with us and they're going to be around for the foreseeable future. Too bad the Historians rarely talk about that.

This reminds me of conversations that we had back in the late 60's and early 70's about how we would be the Generation to bring an end to wars in the World. The end to war would bring an end to poverty and hunger, even in the poorest Nations. We didn't know how we would get it done, but we would do it. Unfortunately, those that believed in greed and avarice have a taken stranglehold on the Governments of the World and we find ourselves in the most dangerous time in recorded history. Now, I'm sad and I fear for the lives of my Children and Grandchildren. Could we be on the cusp of the End Of The World? I don't know, but if that happens, it will be by the hands of Men.

@AncientNight I totally agree but see that we continually focus on the wrong thing, continuous growth. Sustainable growth is an oxymoron and we are paying the price today and our offspring will really pay the price tomorrow. This is an environmental issue not an economical one. I remember watching the film "2001, Space Odyssey" several times with all the predictions of moon stations, huge space stations and a technologically advanced culture. What did we get: 911. The 911's will continue because, we continue to look to technology to solve our social problems.

@JackPedigo It's a shame that those in control are a bunch of greedy bastards. They know that we have environmental catastrophes all around the Globe, but they will do whatever they can to bring about no changes to the way they do business. Just look at what they're doing about Climate Change. Look around at places like Love Canal. No one will be able to live there for at least another several Centuries because of the chemical pollution. They've removed restrictions on burning coal and fossil fuels for power and transportation. Plastics thrown into the environment have an answer from them. They make more plastics. Of course, people that throw their used plastics on the ground or in the waters are equally to blame.

The air that we breathe. The water that we drink. The land that our food is grown in. It's all suffering from pollution that is the direct result of GREED! It all boils down to their fixation on the Bottom Line. They don't care that each abuse to the Earth threatens all life as we know it. They don't care that they are committing Murder-Suicide in slow motion. There are some that don't agree with those kinds of policies and they're getting into position to do something about it.

One thing that we could do in the Here and Now is to educate people not to spread their litter where it's not wanted. I know that there are programs to do just that, but so far, they've been pretty ineffective. The amount of trash just in our waters keeps increasing. Each year, more and more trash is pulled out of the Piankatank River. I see more and more trash on the sides of the road, despite the Adopt a Highway programs here in Virginia. In my opinion, we need more Progressive and Liberal leaders in our Government. It's not much, but it would be a start.

@AncientNight One recent kudo for my county is that we are the first to implement the "leave no Trace" program. The big problem I see is that with all our cultural and political diversity everyone has their own priorities.
I was on the board of a population awareness group, ZPG. This was the first big environmental group and along with a branch of the Sierra Club we were a force. However, some industries (SEIU was one) wanted to change our stance on immigration and spread the story that the reason we didn't have more minorities in our groups was because immigrants felt we were blaming the population growth on them. The existing board saw this coming and left (they had been long term members and were getting burnt out). A few, like myself, stayed on but were eventually vilified because we wouldn't drop the immigration part of the population equation. Later, I learned, from PBS, that some companies got together to pay ZPG and the Sierra Club $100 million to remove the immigration clause. (I still have a video of the program). Yes, it's the usual human weaknesses that create so much havoc.

@JackPedigo This "Leave No Trace" is very much like my philosophy about backpacking and camping which states, "If you can pack it in, you can pack it out!" The only things that I don't pack back out is biodegradable things, like inedible parts of food and used toilet paper, all of which gets buried to replenish the soil.

I see that you know what I'm talking about when I speak out against the influence of Big Business. There's a time and place for everything, but there's no place for some to think that they can control the way others think and view the World.

@AncientNight I was watching a series last night on Netflix called "Adam Ruins everything" [trutv.com]. Last night it was about bathrooms and how companies have brainwashed people into a new mindset one of which was the use of wet wipes. The star and co-star were taken into a sewer line and ran into what is known as a "fatberg" [npr.org] So much goes into the toilets that are undigestable and create great blockages that the workers have to clean up at tax payer's expense. Problem is, most of these products serve no real purpose of are even harmful. A shower every day is not good. It robs you body of oils and good bacteria and dries out your skin. The shower every day is a mindset brought on by soap and chemical companies.

@JackPedigo I don't use those wipes, just toilet paper. Where I live, there are no sewers. We have septic tanks that, by law, have to be pumped out every 5 years. I've known about the oils and bacteria on the surface of the skin for a few decades now. I believe the original research was done in the 70's and augmented by further research in the 80's and 90's.

@AncientNight I too have a septic (put in in 1967 - gravity type) and don't put in anything that is remotely non-natural. Our county is unique in that one can take a course and inspect their own septic. For the gravity it is every 3 years (and the newer, computerized and heavily motorized types, every year) and only gets pumped when the slag and sludge gets too close. One could easily go 20+ years between pumpings (for a 1,000 gallon tank).

@JackPedigo We have the old fashioned kind here with a leach field that takes the liquid overflow and leads downhill from the house and, by law, can't be closer than 30' from the building. I must say, though, that gardens grow quite well over the leach fields, which have to be a minimum of 4' below the surface.

@AncientNight Okay what's the difference between a leach field and drain field. I have a long pipe with holes buried over gravel some 6" with a view port at each end. I noticed grass growing around the length of the field. No plants with deep roots should be allowed. here code is 100' for the drain field and 50' for the septic. Both are much closer but the system is grandfathered in (unless I add a 3rd bedroom then a new system could cost up to $30K.)

@JackPedigo The biggest differences that I can see is;
1- The name.
2- Your system has a view port where the Leach field is completely underground.
3- The leach field is deeper under the surface.

Other than those differences, they both serve the same purpose.