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Self Sufficient Luxuries.

One of the things I love about self sufficiency is enjoying what I produce myself. I grow my own coffee and lots of it. I have begun growing ginger, love ginger. A few years back I was dunking a gingernut biscuit in my coffee, loved it. OK, there is no ginger in those biscuits, but the taste was great. Then one day I had a bottle of ginger syrup, I put that in my coffee, awesome, well to me, others may not like it.
Last year when I harvested my ginger, I sliced it thinly, boiled it up in sugar, drained off the syrup, bottled it and kept it in the fridge. now I have it when ever I like. The sliced left after the syrup was drained off, I put in an airtight jar of sugar. It became crystalised ginger, also awesome. Can't wait to harvest this years ginger. We also make our own super hot ginger beer.

Rugglesby 8 Mar 14
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A better harvest this year, plan is to only need 20% of what grows, not there yet. Have harvested about 20% of what we grew, the rest is a head start for next year. Now, ginger syrup, crystalized ginger, ginger beer, next few days will be busy.

Rugglesby Level 8 May 14, 2018

@Rugglesby Grow your own coffee, man that's great I never thought about doing that. I'm going to check and see if it will grow in KY.

kenriley Level 8 Apr 23, 2018

You would be able to grow it in a green house certainly, otherwise I would guess not. There is a Kentucky coffee tree, not a true coffee and it is poisonous until roasted. I know little about it.


I do some container gardening on my apartment balcony in Phoenix. The good thing is the long growing season, but I need to be fervently religious about watering my plants and shading them for at least 3 months. Mostly greens and fruiting vegetables.

I did try a tea tree, but the local cats ate it.

haha, religious re watering plants on this site, love it. Hanging baskets of herbs can be great on balconies.

@Rugglesby, it was a conscious joke. But yeah, morning and evening waterings are needed here, and I have a put water bulbs in with some plants during summer.


I like to grow things, varieties to eat that you can't buy. ie yellow cherry plum tomatoes, more body than any other tomato with a hint of english mustard in the taste and another is fallgold a kind of vine raspberry which has to be picked and eaten at exactly the right time.

Savage Level 7 Mar 17, 2018

That tomato sounds absolutely awesome. I love raspberries, sadly I trimmed mine too much at the end of last season, so will only be a small crop this year. I grow an Australian native to this area, but my vines have been cultivated for a few generations, extremely strong sweet raspberry flavour.


When I read this I am so jealous that you get to live in a near tropical climate, then I think about the poison spiders and snakes and pity you, LOL.

We have poisonous snakes, but you just have to be careful, our worst spider is further down south thankfully, the worst one in my area is the Redback, almost the same as your Black Widow. I have been bitten 3 times, it burns but it went away after a while. Worst pain was a stonefish, I have never had pain like that, but so far they haven't killed anyone in Australia.
We don't have bears, or wolves or anything like that, so it is pretty safe.

@Rugglesby We don't have black widows here, bears are a rare sighting this far from the mountains but, there is an occasional wolf sighting but, there has never been an unprovoked wolf attack ever documented in Canada. The most dangerous animal around here is a cow.

@HeathenFarmer oh yeah, we have them too, they are sneaky, had one once that was so tame, but she stood on my foot one day and wouldn't get off.


ginger in coffee.... I'd try it. Rugglesby Roast.

hankster Level 9 Mar 14, 2018

haha, I like that.

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