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”A United Nations report released in May found that human activities have placed 1 million species in danger of extinction, many within decades.” [yesmagazine.org]

JackPedigo 9 Oct 9
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GREED! That's one of, if not, the major cause for where we are now with the environment. I have a feeling that Nature is going to retaliate in a big way. And I feel that it's going to happen soon.

It's called human nature. Everyone wants children and everyone wants basic necessities. One of the biggest problems concerns developed countries. They realize the problem of their outsized footprint yet focus on helping others on coming and and increasing the footprint even more. The problem is emotions ruling reason.

@JackPedigo To want basic necessities is not wrong, immoral or harmful. The biggest problem is those that supply those basic necessities and make it as cheaply as possible and charge whatever they can get for them. Those suppliers also pay off the lawmakers so the laws favor them in every way possible. those are the ones crating the outsized footprints. The only emotion involved is a self absorbing attitude, like that guy occupying the Oval Office. One day soon, they'll all get theirs!

@AncientNight To want and to need basic necessities is perfectly normal as I said I did not say it was wrong but the planet is finite and there are only so much to go around. We think we can keep multiplying our numbers and some god or mother nature will be there to supply. There is no god and mother nature could care less for any of her life forms. The outsized footprints are created by all of us. The average N. American has a footprint 10 times the global average. Yes, the wealthy and crooked do make things worse. The world desperately needs for the big consumers to reduce but we cannot do that while, at the same time, helping others increase theirs. Our environmental problems are not political but our way of life and sheer numbers.

@JackPedigo China just changed their One Child mandate to Two Children. The christians, jews and muslims (who all believe in the same imaginary god) still believe that religious mandate of "Go forth and multiply!" None of them have stopped multiplying yet, exasperating the problems that we're going through today, which go much further than what we're talking about here.

There are ways to reduce the carbon footprints of everyone. Unfortunately, the GREED of the people that "control" every aspect of our lives keep those ways and tell us all that they're the "good guys".

I had a Dream/Vision that stays in my mind. In this Dream/Vision, I saw a Community/Town where all the homes and businesses had Solar Panels and/or Wind Turbines for electrical power. All these buildings were hooked together in a grid through underground wiring and fed their excess electricity to power the community and government buildings, like the Town Hall, Fire and Police Departments, Schools, Libraries and the town's maintenance buildings. Cars ran on Hydrogen or Electric Power. That, is the way we should have things, but, as I've said before, the greed of those in power hold all the cards...

...for now!

@AncientNight China was forced to change it's position as too many females were being aborted. I personally witnessed the same thing at work in Viet Nam. A part of my family went (my sister-in-law is Vietnamese) for a month. We were not a part of a tour and saw/experienced things most don't. One night we were visiting my sister-in-laws (Kim) family and they had a guest. It was a wealthy couple living in the burbs. The wife was slight (as are many Vietnamese women) and pregnant. They had a daughter and the husband worked for the government. The rule is any government worker can only have 2 children to keep their job. The next morning we heard the woman had a problem and was sent to a hospital. They had gone to a fertility doctor to help them have 2 or more babies. The woman had triplets but her body couldn't handle it and 2 of the fetuses were miscarried. We were told this is normal practice especially among the wealthy. The moral of the story is, it is us and our failure to see the big picture. We need to change how we view the world and stop looking to technology to fix the problems we have made. I have sent a TED talk talking about an aspect of exponential human growth and technology and have also shared the formula I = PAT (impact equals population X activity X technology. Technology is a wild card but often makes things worse. Look into NPG [npg.org] or NumbersUSA [numbersusa.com] for some more information or study population demographics if you want a reality based side to this issue.

@JackPedigo This demands a lot more thought. I still feel that the ones controlling the power grids, the technologies and the government bare, at least, 75% of the blame for where we are now.