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Joint Planning Exercise Part 2.

Not surprisingly we came up with water source, warmth = means to make fire, clothing, means to get food and some form of shelter and not much more. Though not possible by the billion, but if the global population loved this way things would not be so bad. Of course we would never have achieved such a large population living lik e this either. Not a bad thing.
So, stepping back into our current situation. What do we need? In order to exist in our current situation. Not wants, just basic to keep you where you are?

Rugglesby 8 Feb 28
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I'm not studied up on this stuff. what, if any, features of this "living" includes co-op or shared resources? a community of sustainers seems crucial to the effort. Also, the need for greater voice at town hall and the ballot box.

hankster Level 9 Mar 3, 2018

Yes, if you are to achieve anything near sustainability in this day and age it has to as part of a community. For example where I live we are a number of community gardens throughout the region, as well as organic food co-ops. I love the co-op model and many years ago founded a Credit Union based on sustainability, I buy and sell electricity through a locally owned power company, next stage is for "Solar Gardens" where members of the community pool together to establish larger scale solar installations. Two of the shires adjoining mine have very green councils, mine is a bit slower. I like to think of things happening like the old time village days, have a market day once a week where everybody takes their surplus to trade. I do that with my gardeners every Wednesday morning, we swap among ourselves, the rest is given to other volunteers and donated to the community pantry where it is given free to local residents. I am most interested in finding other ways we can cooperate to reduce our negative impact.

very very cool @Rugglesby. the solar garden sounds solid.

@hankster yes, I am very interested, I was hoping January would have been the beginning, now looking more like April, tax implications and such.


Read Cannibals & Kings; An Origin of Cultures by Marvin Harris. Also Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Uncas Level 4 Mar 1, 2018

A movement started some 25 years ago called "Voluntary Simplicity". It was about identifying one's measure of happiness with a minimum of material things. It changed my life and I still follow the idea. The book "Your Money or Your Life" was a big part of the movement. The held a conference in LA and the symbol was hearse with a luggage rack. This fits in to this discussion.

JackPedigo Level 9 Feb 28, 2018

You are well up on this, yes, I have been in that for quite some years, ie their mailing list, always chasing new ideas. Hearse with a luggage rack, I can see the message.


a dog might be good. plenty of egg laying chickens.

hankster Level 9 Feb 28, 2018

I htink chickens are essential, dogs are expensive, my vet bill at the moment is big, but over he years she hasnt cost me much. Part of the family

yeah, those vet bills can add up, but a smart dog can be a good assest and friend.


In my case I could dispense with my car and walk/ride/ paddle to places. I must pay council rates or not be permitted to live here. I have energy self sufficiency and can be about 80% self sufficient in food, have enough water for everything except drinking, could install rainwater collection and/or a still or reverse osmosis filter, or continue to use council supplied water at about $180 a year. Insurance is not essential, but nice to have. Internet is more important than phone, but nice to have both. I have family here and the beach for recreation. I can access free ambulance and basic medical/emergency treatment is also free. I am no clothes horse, so minimal requirements there. Running out of ideas now.

Rugglesby Level 8 Feb 28, 2018
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