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Aquaculture, Hydroponics, Aquaponics?

Has anybody given these a try at all? Any success? I have kept all sorts of fish over the years as an aquarist. And had a farm dam with perch fingerlings once until the kooka burras found them, all gone.
I am starting slowly, I have some large containers, 1000 litres with some tropical fish, cray fish in the bottom, and at the moment only mint growing in the water above. Early days. Has been ok for 3 years so far without any deaths. Must be ready for something more challenging.

Rugglesby 8 Mar 4
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There us a big breakthrough at last.A Capetown company has started producing fish food from dried fly larvae..Currently fish food us from sea catch isn't it,making it unsustainable.

big improvement


I have a 1.4 acre trout pond stocked with rainbow trout, I have grown them as big as 7 pounds. I use solar and wind power air pumps to supply air to the water over the 6 months of winter. I don't need to feed them the pond has a lot of invertebrates like shrimp in it. This is my third pond and the most successful one to date.

I grow algae which feeds a small native shrimp, which then get eaten by the fish. But I am a long way from anything much as yet. Wow, I love rainbow trout, the way the flesh comes off the bone, and the meat is so sweet, almost perfect. Not sure how they will taste, mt final plan at this stage is to grow Jade Perch/Barcoo Grunter, they are native to northern Australia and would do well in my subtropical climate. They grow fast. Just in general I am jealous (in a good way) of your set up and lifestyle, after looking at your profile. Well done.



hankster Level 9 Mar 4, 2018

now, there's a thought, also solves burial issues.