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[deadstate.org]. Jaw dropping stupidity combined with an almost psychotic description of evil. People who listen to and believe this garbage vote. Vote. Take your neighbor to vote.

By Catrachel11117
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I cannot speak for others,I consider it an imperative to vote.

WayneDalton Level 7 Oct 22, 2018

this type breeds

TheDoubter Level 8 Oct 22, 2018

So I’m a Lucifer Advanced Being. I’m proud. ?

ADKSparky Level 7 Oct 22, 2018

Very few people pay attention to J. Bakker.. lncluding xtians..

The fact that he has ANY audience is terrifying.


I didn't realize that is what I was, I thought I was just a dick.


Waiting for my ballot in the mail!

coralisthree Level 8 Oct 22, 2018

They also reproduce.

Lilac-Jade Level 8 Oct 22, 2018

Yes I know.

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