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Talking to the Cat #13

Haven't spoke with you yet today
old friend.
Wouldn't want you to think I'd
forgot about you.
I'm tired. And smelly too.
Tomorrow morning I'll take a shower,
it's too late now.

Why was you out there in the coldy dark
all eventimes; I heard a little screech
out there, was that you?
Or some little thing you killed?
You such a animal.
I guess I shouldn't preach,
us people sometimes hunts people in the park
and makes them make that sound.
And when they found,
they ever so much nastier than you.

They sends 'em off someplace
with lots of other people like 'em.
Stacks and stacks of evilness,
all swarming in the dark.
Never wants to see the face
of that old wicked mess.
Gives me big old bumps of geese
to think about.
I'll take you anyday,
your fur like little fleece,
over some old scary human
might have a sore inside his brain.

Tomfoolery33 9 July 3
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Inner turmoil one of our great downfalls. Good write

azzow2 Level 9 July 3, 2018