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~~ Chasing a Leprechaun ~~

Through thickened woods and thorny brush
I chased the elf in silenced hush
Around intoxicating pines
And mossy-covered hanging vines

Taking care to mark the way
With petals dropped from rose bouquet
My distance safe from prying eyes
And forest creatures’ wilding cries

I stalked the fairy to his lair
With visions of the gold I’d share
I’d lie in wait and pounce at will
And marvel at my stealthy skill

Finally, his hideaway
Nestled deep in green decay
Nothing left to do but wait
And dream about my wealthy fate

The leprechaun began his work
Upon his face the strangest smirk
But still he toiled with tools and nails
Evoking lovely olden tales

He cut and stitched a dozen shoes
The crafty work, a clever ruse
For soon his suit of green did fade
Together with his sly charade

The tap, tap, tap, a lullaby
Beneath the starry moonlit sky
My dreams of fortune quickly gone
Replaced by sunny rays of dawn

The cagey man was smart and swift
And left me with a parting gift
A pair of shoes so shrewdly soled
With dazzling heels of gleaming gold

#leprechaun #gold #treasure #elf #poetry

egyptrican 7 July 8
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Chasing the riches taught how to be humble. Love morals to a story. Good rune

azzow2 Level 9 July 8, 2018

Nice little fellow. Here you were Hellbent on absconding and he leaves you with golden shoes. Thats a good soul

Lincoln55 Level 8 July 8, 2018