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Went on a tangent with this one. Read it closely and you will see common adages.
Needs a title this is an older one

Got my foot caught on a rock smacked my face on a clock.

Stuck my thumb on a plant now it is verdant.

Thaumaturge a lagomorph from a derby most can`t beat that even with mercy.

Chasing the variegation causes irrational celerity.

Mewl over scatter skim that can be the end.

Cleft a stump muttered the ventriloquist.

Crucible termed the vessel ebony, seems like a lot of double talk.

Alabaster as a linen spires by a phantasm this can cause sparse realism.

 Marshaling a lexicon by it facade is like frazzling a fritter no critter would ever frazzle fritter.

A cur gnawing an ossein must not be bothered or you'll get an ungula in your posterior.

You can't keep hasty hearsay at bay you will have to pay.

Cruor is corpulent compared to peccadillo spewing from your perception may time be on your side.

Too much rudiment reposed in your nacelle will make you overflow.

Utter congenial chattels materialize of the particular in intervals unravel the chronological.

Synthesize swath whereas the aubade swells your epitomized are sure to fill.

azzow2 9 July 16
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I think i got one of them.

If a dog is chewing a bone, leave him along or you'll get a (tooth, nail) stuck in your bum.

brentan Level 8 July 16, 2018

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