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To my former lover,

I write not knowing which words to say.
What more can be said?
Saying "I love you" can't turn back the past.
Loving you is a curse.
Lovers, such as I, cannot survive thy love.
I'm merely a moth dazzled by a flame
And burned by the cold fire of thy heart.
I may say I love you not,
But still you reside within my core.
Your flame lingers wherever I go,
For love is a curse that kills a soul
Change my heart, I hope
That you will reverse thy curse; set me free.
Cruel is thy heart for you think not of me
Who is crying for my last words
As you have burned me.
Still, alas, I survived your curse,
But the scars of my burns remain cold
Like the flame of thy heart.

CesStuart 5 Aug 5
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I have some insight into such a dilemma. You can never erase what hurt you, however, you can learn and grow. Closing the door in your heart will never heal it the stagnant air trapped inside of the heart room will suffocate your emotions. Good write

azzow2 Level 9 Aug 5, 2018

Touching. Bittersweet. I approve!

tioteo Level 8 Aug 5, 2018