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Red Dust, Saltbush and Flies.
William Anthony.

                                2 abreast, 3 deep in harness all they race,
                                to keep the schedule through thick and thin,
                                the coachman keeps the pace,
                                from flashing hooves the bulldust flies,
                                the dust cloud behind obscures the skies,

                                Nostrils flaring, breathing hard, miles to go to the changeover yard,
                                Box Tank hours behind, the 'Reef' awaits some miles ahead,
                                careful now, the creek is ahead, don't let the team have their head,
                                the sand is deep, dry and soft for out here it rains not oft,

                                The passenger sit within the coach, no conversation do they broach,
                                for dust and flies wait ready to fill their throat,
                                as past claypans and sparse trees on rims of iron and wood,
                                they race whilst high above eagles give chase,
                                in hope of prey from saltbush is raised,

                                One hours rest at the 'Reef' a change of team and off they'll go,
                                to reach the 'Hill' once more again, bath, a meal, a comfortable bed,
                                then tommorrow back east he'll head,
                                that's the life a Cobb and Co. coachman has led.
Triphid 8 Dec 31
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Your format is difficult. I had once tried to do it this way. When I revised the format the poems got more attention.

azzow2 Level 9 Dec 31, 2018

I really like this. The internal rhymes are pleasing and the rhythm is like a horse's gallop. The descriptions keep it real.

It is a little hard to read as a paragraph - I assume that reflects some limitations in your text editor.

pixiedust Level 8 Dec 31, 2018

Nope, just one of my ways of writing poetry, that's all.

@Triphid [ poem]
[ /poem] without the [space will give you:


@FrayedBear My apologies that it did NOT come out in verse form I wrote it in, sadly I grew up in an age where computers were NOT the usual thing that everyone could have and own, so I'm still learning about the intricacies of them.

@Triphid no apology asked for. I was simply sharing something that was put in place by admin probably before you joined. Up to you as to whether you wish to use it. I make no opinion/judgement either way.

@FrayedBear So I just add the [ ] bits at the beginning of the poem do I, and it all comes out in verse form?
I grew using pen, paper, typewriters and slide rules so I'm a real novice on these tin boxes.

@Triphid plus the closing square braketed /poem and you get a pretty white box. Unfortunately it doesn't give you a decent length of line or automatically reduce the lettering size to fit in the line.
Have fun experimenting - are you using Android phone app? If so I suggest an anappfrom the Play store called Write+ to draft your poems in, then simply copy and paste into your post on Agnostics here.

@FrayedBear Okay and thanks, all I need do now is decode it into the language I understand, English (Lol) and not computerese.

@FrayedBear Err, sorry to sound like a computer Dummy, which I am btw, but do I find this 'Play store' thingy thru using my search engine or is it on this group?

@Triphid only available if you us Android telephone. Don't know if it is available for computers. If you are using a computer with Windows it has always had a simple program like Writer or Notebook.

@Triphid this is the Play Store opening page.

@Triphid []

@FrayedBear Okay, I'll give it go.

@FrayedBear Just finished writing and posting another offering using your suggestion. It think it worked quite well, the posting bit at least.

@Triphid excellent, I'll check it out.