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A poem about my love of books.

They Comfort Me

“Surrounded by...her books,”
the young man said
when speaking of the death
of his mother, Jackie O.
I like to imagine her favorite fictional characters
stepping out of the pages and
filling in the empty spaces
around the circumference of her bed.
That's how I want to go.

I want to look into the eyes
of Allesandro Guiliani
(both the young one on his horse
and the old one on his final journey).
I want Nancy and Ned, Scout and Jem,
Jenny and Robbie
from a croft in the Cheviot hills,
Emmanuel Comte and little Evelyn,
and Maxim's wife
(who will tell me her name).
I want the newcomer, Garnet Ferrari,
and Peter Lake, hanging from a star.

Huw Morgan will pray over me
and before my eyes close
one final time, I want to see
a strange-looking cat
in a very tall hat hat
speaking once more in the voice
of the woman who gave me life
as he leads me back into her arms.

ProudMerry 7 Apr 19
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That is, lovely! And, life without books...dark!

@Keyboard-Mama it is one of the hardest things that I have ever have ever had to do...but I want to live in tiny house now!

@Keyboard-Mama just a 5th wheel for now, but when I build something it will be a tiNY house or similar. But, I miss my books, even though I found a home for them that made me feel ok...but every time I see bookshelves full of books, in pics or in someone's home on tv, I get love-sick!

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