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Daddy I have been reading.

You’ve been reading what my son?

Reading the Bible Daddy,

I’m hoping the correct one.

There are different bibles Daddy?

I’m sorry to say that’s true

I read the King James version

Well I say good for you.

So did God talk to King James Daddy?
And tell him what he should say?

He did son and that is why
The Bible’s in the King's English today.

Is God English then Daddy?

He certainly is my son

So he’s not American Daddy?
Like them Mormons said to Mum.

Our God is Red White and Blue.
And the baby Jesus too
And God is not Just British
But English through and through

Sorry Daddy These words I read
Go around inside my head

Now don’t fret Son, I heard it said
It’s all made clear to you
That is once your dead.

But Daddy wasn’t Jesus born a Jew?
Time for bed now, run a long adieu!

LenHazell53 9 May 14
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Satire is good for us.

tioteo Level 8 May 14, 2018

A realistic conversation, alas.

pixiedust Level 8 May 14, 2018

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