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Closer to home for me today…we’re in Dublin with The Choral Scholars of University College performing in Irish - Dulaman (Seaweed) - soloist Ciaran O’Donovan.

Marionville 10 Oct 21
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Wonderful. Loved it. Super bodhran.

Yes…top class performance all round.

@Marionville I've known the song for a very long time.

@rogerbenham Yes of course…it’s an old traditional song.


Love this!

Glad you do.

@Marionville Good voices, & that drumming is fascinating.

@Lilac-JadeCanada Yes…the bodhran. It takes quite a bit of skill.

@Marionville Without a doubt.


That instrument is so fascinating! Do you know what it’s called? Some type of drum? I’d love to learn how to play it! Loved the song. 😘

It’s called a Bodhran drum.

@Marionville I will look it up. It doesn’t look like it’s hard to play, but I am sure it takes practice! 😉

@Marionville I found a video on how to play the Bodhran.

It doesn’t look too hard.

Absolutely thrilling. Am I understanding this correctly, it is about seaweed?

Spinliesel Level 9 Oct 21, 2021

Yes…it is…we dry it and eat a certain type of seaweed and it’s sold as a type of snack food here. It’s Anglicised name is Dulse and has been eaten for centuries…it’s taste is a bit like salty bacon.

@Marionville I’ve eaten dried seaweed before. Some of it is really good! 😍 I’ve tried a few different brands and like a lot of them.

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