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It’s 40 years this January since the band a-ha formed in Oslo in 1982, and boyhood school friends and musicians Magne Furuholmen & Pal Waaktaar joined forces with vocalist Morten Harket. They left Norway for London where they lived in squalid conditions as illegal aliens, writing songs and fighting extradition and hunger to follow their dream of breaking into the music business. After three years they succeeded with a bang in 1985 when their debut record Take On Me took off and became a #1 hit in 27 countries around the world. It is such a successful and iconic song with its ground-breaking video that it has tended to overshadow everything else they’ve achieved since..and that is quite a considerable body of work comprising 120 plus original songs on 12 albums and an enduring fan base and touring career over those ensuing 40 years. This song is one of my favourites…but I could select almost any of their songs and describe it as a favourite because there’s not a bummer amongst them..,yes they are THAT good! - Birthright - a-ha.

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I personally have been so impressed with A-ha since joining this group and being introduced to them. I of course heard Take on me 500 times, but that was it here in the USA. They are so much more than that one song and I’m so glad to have learned so much more about them. 😍

…and it’s been really rewarding for me knowing that you can appreciate how really good they are too.

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