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It’s David Bowie’s birthday today...he’d be 75 now. He was a remarkably talented artist…a singer and songwriter who will go down in the annals of the Rock n’ Roll generation of the latter half of the 20th century as one of the genre’s greats. Born in the inner South London borough of Brixton in 1947, he studied art, music and design at college before becoming involved in actually making music…initially being drawn to the jazz music of Charlie Mingus and John Coltrane. After breaking into the music business he moved to California as his career took off and fame beckoned, but he got caught up in the drug scene and in an effort to get himself clean eventually moved back to Europe in 1977, spending a few years in Germany where he recorded three albums. Here is one of his later songs from 2013 which references that time spent in Germany, Berlin in particular . - Where Are We Now?

Marionville 10 Jan 8
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A little down, but I like it.

Yes…Rhonda & I like it too.


Haven’t heard this before, it’s a little melancholy to me. He was such a great talent.

Yes…his later songs were quite melancholy. The last album he made shortly before he died …which he returned to Berlin to record, I can’t listen to it’s just so depressing.

@Marionville I guess his music was where he revealed himself completely at times. I agree that last album was depressing.


Don't think I ever heard this one before...very jnteresting. He certainly was multi-talented. He was also in quite a few movies, a very good actor.

Ray13 Level 8 Jan 8, 2022

No…it’s not very well known, but I’ve always liked it.

@Marionville : I like it too😄 Staying inside today listening to your guys😉 14°F ( feels like -1° ) outside. Burrrrr...

@Ray13 I listen to them every day!…regardless of the temperature! 😁😅

@Marionville : I'd be very surprised if you didn't😆

@Ray13, @Marionville We're minus 16C, wind chill minus 22C.....balmy after the minus 30's a few days ago.

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