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LINK Ukrainian National Anthem with English translation subtitles - YouTube

...with scenery of Ukraine.
Sadly, this may cease to exist if the rest of the world does not directly challenge Putin.

Reignmond 7 Mar 6
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Sad to think of that beautiful land being bombarded and reduced to rubble. We stand with the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦🌻🌻🌻

It is simply not enough to stand with Ukraine. We have to be willing to risk nuclear war with Putin. And for those that think, 'it's over ain't our problem.' Putin is a Dictator bent on world domination because that is the only way he will feel safe and satisfied. He will move against Poland, Moldova, ..., Germany, Demark, England, India, ...., and the US (he wants Alaska back).

We either fight him now, or bow to him later. It is a shitty situation, but it is the hand we have all been dealt. We either play it, or we lose.

@Reignmond I’m not in the USA, I’m in the U.K., , but would agree with most of what you say. It’s a complete reconstruction of the former USSR he wants and a reinstatement of the Iron curtain….the rest of what you believe to be his aim I think is fanciful and pure conjecture. As far as Putin is concerned he thinks he’s already at war with NATO and the USA and it’s Western allies, so it’s a moot point to talk about NATO defence forces not crossing a line at the Ukrainian border because that could be construed by Putin as an act of war. We need to enact a no fly zone above Ukraine and we should’ve done it more than a week ago,

@Marionville Putin is a bully. And like all bullies, as long as his victims don't really put up a fight and cower, he will continue to victimize them and take more. And remember, with every bit he takes, he becomes more powerful, emboldened, and harder to stop.

@Reignmond You’re preaching to the converted …I know what he is and what his aims are. I have thought he was a very dangerous man from the very beginning of him taking over at the top in Russia. The security services and western governments knew he harboured aims to remake the lost Russian empire too, they just never had the political will to take action to stop him when he made moves to start taking back territories on the pretext of protecting Russian nationals in Crimea and Georgia. It was clear as day Ukraine was in his sights, especially as it made no secret of wanting to join the EU and NATO. The clever thing would have been to allow them to join both and then they’d have had the protection of both organisations as of right,

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