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Another in this week’s continuing stream of notable Eurovision Song Contest winning songs…today the first of five wins by the U.K…Puppet On A String by Sandie Shaw in Vienna in 1967. Puppet On A String which was written by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter became a #1 hit in the U.K. and in Europe after the win. In the USA the song, covered by Al Hirt, was moderately successful

Marionville 10 May 11
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Her name seems familiar.

She was a big name back in the sixties.

@Marionville I must have heard something by her then.

@Lilac-JadeCanada You maybe remember this one…..

@Marionville Oh there we go!!!

@Marionville I remember this song by Dionne Warwick

@Sierra4 Yes, that one I do remember.


I remember it so well but not how male her voice sounded.

Male?….she’s just an Alto that’s all.

@Marionville No, I mean male sounding.

@rogerbenham Yes…I was surprised that you thought she sounded male.


I remember it well. I guess because I was with the US military in Germany from 1967-1969 and listening to Radio Luxembourg

Sierra4 Level 8 May 11, 2022

Then you’d be bound to hear it!

Ah Radio Luxembourg! Before 1960 that was how I ever heard any pop music. My parents would never have tuned to it but I remember doing so and how it faded in and out. Maybe my sister found about it being 8-1/2 years older and liking Elvis (her only journey into pop music). Maybe she showed mid brother (3 years older), who also liked Elvis.
Years later living in the Rockies with only CBC Radio One, we would tune in on Saturday nights to Radio Drumheller playing 2 hours of advert free country music and once again experience fade in and outs. About a 1000km stratospheric bounce over 8000 foot peaks.

@rogerbenham I did my homework listening to Radio Luxembourg….unbeknown to my father!

@Marionville My parents never pushed me to do any homework. So I didn't. The only radiogramaphone was in the main sitting room so they knew if I listened. Probably they let me listen for half an hour occasionally. It was not a big thing unlike Radio Caroline!

@rogerbenham Oh…I listened to that too…and Radio Forth I think it was called out in the North Sea.

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