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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Another one for Rabbie Burns on his birthday…and a song with very fond memories for me. A Rosebud By My Early Walk was written by Burns in 1787 and dedicated to Miss Jean Cruikshank who was the daughter of the Latin master at The Royal High School of Edinburgh. Although Jean was only 12 years old at the time of this song being written, she was an accomplished singer and sang and accompanied herself on the piano. Here I’ve chosen a version sung by the slightly older Peter McCutcheon.

On a more personal note…this song won me first prize in a City-wide Edinburgh schools singing competition at a similar age to Miss Cruikshank, my first entry into competitive singing. Another connection to the song is that my brother attended and studied Latin, amongst other subjects, at Edinburgh’s Royal High School, albeit almost 200 years later in the 1950s!

Marionville 10 Jan 25
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Great story, Marje.

Glad you liked my little anecdote.


What lovely lyrics! I am sure you have many sweet memories of singing this one Marje! First prize tells me you did a beautiful job of singing. 😍

I can still sing it and can remember all the words.


I have never regretted learning Latin for 8 years.

No…I’ve never regretted it either, it’s come in useful quite a few times!

@Marionville I know that I was not school-loving enough to use my intelligence to have been top of my classes. Had I been I'd have learned Greek as well (my dad did) and that would have been very useful as well.
2nd most expensive school in England yet they completely failed me. I hated my 5 years there. In '64 there was a mock election. 434 voted Conservative. 6 of us voted Labour.
What have those to look back on? Well instead of learning to fire 303s (school corps) I rebelled and worked with the bursar. On Google Earth, I can view an avenue of trees that he and I planted.

@rogerbenham Leaving an avenue of trees is a greater feat than mere academic achievement…you have left a lasting gift for posterity. Future generations may not know your name but they will benefit and enjoy the majesty of the arboreum you helped plant.


Such a beautiful piece of must have been very proud to have won 1st prize out of all the Edinburgh schools. Great honor to Burns.

Ray13 Level 8 Jan 25, 2023

Yes…I still have the certificate somewhere amongst all my old memorabilia. I also won a book of Burns music & poetry.

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