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The way Israel has become a Mecca of electronic dance music points clearly to an aching cultural void that its people are trying desperately to fill with empty synthetic pop fluff.

Israel is not a country, it’s like a fake movie set version of a country. A movie set where the set pieces won’t even stand up on their own, so people are always running around in a constant state of construction trying to prop things up and nail things down, and scrambling to pick up things that are falling over, and rotating the set pieces so that they look like real buildings in front of the camera. Without this constant hustle and bustle of propagandizing, lobbying, online influence ops, and nonstop mass military violence, the whole movie set would fall over,


The propaganda on Israeli techno dance music: "Israeli techno music is a subgenre of electronic dance music that originated in Israel. It is characterized by its use of hypnotic and melodic sounds, often incorporating traditional Middle Eastern instruments and rhythms. The music is known for its emotional depth and spiritual themes, reflecting the cultural and religious diversity of Israel. "


It has all the discordant brutality of the latest IDF genocidal atrocity that resulted in at least 274 dead children & adult civilians, 3 Israeli hostages including one US citizen and at least 698 children & adult civilians injured.

FrayedBear 9 June 11
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Luckily I can’t access your video…unless I go onto YouTube directly…so I’ll not bother. I’m not a fan of Electro music in general although I like the odd piece by Jean Michel Jarre who was one of the pioneers of this genre. The sub genre of Israeli Electro or Techno EDM I can definitely live without hearing,

Marionville Level 10 June 13, 2024

Complicit through silence & indifference.


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Israel brainwashes its people. They feel totally justified in killing Palestinians because they are "inferior" beings. I briefly talked to one recently.He was horrible. Sorry, but I do not want any of their music.

Can't blame you. Even the accompanying light show is aggressive.
I've previously pointed out that not only does their circumcision permanently alter the largest organ of the human body but also affects their brains. That with their ridiculous religious indoctrination is the reason for their psychopathy.


So now you’re a music critic?

Scott321 Level 7 June 11, 2024
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