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A group to share great music with others of any type from around the world, and of any language, and taste. Everyone is welcome to join! Just keep in mind that there are other music groups in which you can post well known artists and songs which are in the mainstream US/UK music market. This group should be reserved for a more eclectic, international type of music.

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Luodovikios Ton Anogion - Mana -

avectoi 6 Apr 5
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Soft and sad.


Lovely photos too!

Allamanda Level 8 Apr 5, 2020

Do you have any information on this artist or song you wish to share?

I am afraid not. I am very sorry. To be honest with you, As much as i love music - I really do -
It is just that I’ve never interested in anything else other than music itself.
I hope it is good enough reason to be here. Thank you.