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Tim Mcgraw is the best Country Music artiste

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Cherokeeman 4 Jan 4
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That was exactly my reaction too! 😂

@Marionville This the only McGraw I am familiar with

@LenHazell53 Well…son of a gun …me too! 😁

@Marionville The only reson I know of him is because he's Tug's son. I'm a Phillies fan.

@Organist1 Who’s Tug? I probably still won’t know who he is after you explain….I’m a Brit! 😁😂

@Marionville He was a relief pitcher for the Philadelphis Phillies during the 1970s. One of the best, and a good cartoonist as well. He died of a brain tumor in 2004 at the age of 60.

@Marionville []


Music is subjective ….as Thomas says, there isn’t any best, but only our own favourites.

As you’re new here and I wasn’t aware you’d joined my group, I’d like to welcome you. However I’d ask you not to make any further polls without asking me first.

Please feel free to post music of your choice from anywhere outside of the US or English speaking mainstream popular music. Anything with an international or foreign language dimension from anywhere in the world is welcome.


There is no best. Maybe favorites

Sierra4 Level 8 Jan 4, 2023

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