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According to the description of this group: "Mainly we concentrate on disproving the bible so atheists can have solid points to bring up when confronted by Christians!"

In that spirit, I found this website when looking for something on Google. May the FSM bless Steven DiMattei for putting all this information together: []

I remember back when I was in my questioning stage, I confided to one of the elders in my church, and he was very kind and got me together with a priest to talk things over. When I told him about the J-E-D-P theory, this priest posited that this theory came from European scholars who were disillusioned by WWII, so we shouldn't put much stock in it. I was not impressed with his reasoning, and by now all serious biblical scholars agree on some variation of the "Documentary Hypothesis" (as it's called). My mother remarked afterwards that she didn't think this priest is very intelligent. Christians would be better able to retain church members if they acknowledge problems with the Bible instead of stubbornly clinging to outdated ideas, not that I particularly want anyone to stay in the church, in fact it's beneficial for people to leave the church IMHO.

altschmerz 9 July 23
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Thank you, as I'm always on the lookout for more of these kinds of sites. Your post has inspired me to maybe post a similar one of my own.

Rossy92 Level 8 Aug 22, 2020

Thanks much!

Mofo1953 Level 8 July 23, 2020

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