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Absolute hypocrisy?

There has recently been much nashing of teeth & wailing over the 20th anniversary of 9\11. The following liturgies have been made available for Xtians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims & Pagans to express their grief.

I have seen nothing however to recognise & create liturgies in respect of the original 9\11. That occurred in 1973 in Chile thanks to Nixon when the Pinochet junta pushed by Kissinger, the US CIA & Australia's ASIS overthrew the democratically elected Allende government to result in 17 years of torture, disappearances & corruption in Chile.

Remember Victor Jara
Remember Chile 1973
Remember the Stadium

Choose Dick Gaughen or Alistair Hulett

Or Victor Jara's death paen "the Stadium"

Dr Keith McKenry of course wrote his fantastic 9\11 poem after the twin towers came down. Sung here by Bruce Watson.

FrayedBear 9 Sep 12
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Ah yes general Pinochet,
Lovable terrorist, war criminal, genocidal maniac
He who to the eternal shame of all English people was given safe harbour in the UK by the late and unlamented turd in knickers Margaret Thatcher, who described him as "A hero of democracy" and "A dear old friend and Ally" and had her own doctor certify him as unfit to stand trial in Spain for crimes against humanity, before she smuggled him out of the country back to Chile where he miraculously recovered from vascular dementia. Until that is until 2002 when he was due to stand trial again for instigating and ordering the deaths of 75 political opponents in the so called "Caravan of Death" atrocity.
On 25 November 2006 his 91st birthday, having again undergone yet another miraculous recovery from terminal vascular dementia Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte, emeritus general and emeritus Senator, Issued a statement declaring how proud he was of ALL he had done, how he regretted nothing and how grateful Chile should be to him for all of his atrocities. He was immediately placed under house arrest again. However on the morning of 10 December 2006 suffered an expected heart attack and had all charges quashed on compassionate grounds by the Chilean government, a pardon issued and his arrest lifted. He died later that day in a military hospital with his whole family in attendance.
He was not granted a state funeral (an honor normally bestowed upon past presidents of Chile) but was buried with full military honours in a funeral for their former commander-in-chief by the Army.
He was granted last rites by the Catholic church and a religious presence at his funeral, and his cremated remains we taken away to a secret location. Burial was denied him because of threats of vandalism to any tomb or grave from all over the world.

Sadly I was too naïve in 1973 & long gone by the time the greengrocer's fecal matter invited him to reside in the UK under her protection.


I remember Chile always, had friends from Lima, one lost her brothers and an uncle to the Stadium, another lost her parents..this is The reason I detested HRC...Kissinger was her mentor in Foreign Relations..she Knew he had Blood Soaked hands.

Charlene Level 9 Sep 12, 2021

I played the above songs & Victor Jara's on the radio from 1997 onwards particularly in commemoration programmes. And have absolutely despised Kissinger since.

@FrayedBear he was also the mastermind behind the "Secret" bombing and incursions into Cambodia during Vietnam..🤬🤬🤬

@Charlene He probably nearly caused revolution in Australia through the dismissal of the Prime Minister Whitlam who withdrew ASIS from Chile just before the putsch & withdrew Australian troops from Vietnam. It happened just before I came to Australia butthere was still a lot of anger about the issue though American involvement was not realised until much later.

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