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In Woodland Park Colorado there is a Bible College called CHARIS. The pastor or leader of this college has been telling people he can heal them and teaching his students how to heal people of their diseases and anything really. I being very curious wanted to see it for myself, so I sat in on a few of his teachings. This man claims that everyone can be healed as long as they have faith in god. I actually heard him tell people that the doctors were wrong and that they did not need to go through chemotherapy or radiation for cancer but that if they really had faith in god they would be healed. He used to open up his college on the weekends to the community in order for his students to practice healing the community.
My friend had went through a horrible experience of having to bury two of his three children. During that time he lost it and started taking drugs heavily. Due to his drug use he ended up having three heart attacks and now is on a machine that re-shocks his heart and starts it backup as well as having many surgeries. He also lost all his teeth. Well he was in Woodland Park and one of these students came up to him and wanted to pray for him. He said ok and told him his story about his life. This kid now wants to heal him. So he prays for him and at the end of the prayer he screams "and now by the power of jesus you are healed" and slaps him in the forehead. He had just got out of the dentist and had the rest of his teeth pulled to get dentures. He dropped to his knees in pain, and this religious ass hole just walks off. This pastor then when I bring this up to him in front of all his students tells me that my friend "obviously does not have enough FAITH to be healed. Can you believe this shit. I haven't been up there in years since I was arrested but I saw this ass hole on the T.V.the other day because now he is one of those billionaire T.V. pastors. How stupid are people to believe this crap? What can people like us who do not believe in fake bullshit but in science do to protect others from believing psychotic pastors like this one?

IpraiseMYSELF 6 Oct 25
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altschmerz Level 9 Oct 26, 2019

In a country like the USA where people cannot afford real medicine, because the state refuses its duty of care, the people will pay quacks and charlatans for the promise of a cure and place their "faith" in miracles.
It is desperation that leads to this in 80% of cases the other 20% are suffering an even worse mania.


Personally, I wouldn't do anything to prevent... Let them believe and they will either all die off or they will see it doesn't work..

I disagree they will all die off, wishful thnking perhaps. When it doesn't work they blame it on the person they are tying to heal! I can no longer stand by and let people destroy everything around them. It would be diffrent if it only affected them but it affects everyone.

@IpraiseMYSELF when they blame the sick, the sick will hopefully stop believing.. False hope maybe, I know


Hope the kids start calling him out.

Charlene Level 9 Oct 25, 2019

It never ends, & neither does the idiocy.

How do we prevent this type of shit from happening in America? I mean I am willing to vote on a law or something preventing christians from doing this!

@IpraiseMYSELF No clue, I'm Canadian.

@Lilac-Jade oh you don't have any problems with christians up there?

@Lilac-Jade I hear its expensive to live up there. is that true? I used to live close to canada
in montana

@IpraiseMYSELF Very little, & seldom makes the news unless its about under age kids. Religion is just not a topic of any conversation we run across very often in our daily lives. And if we do, its a you do your thing, & everyone else doers violence over it.

Its expensive for many things but we seem to be able to live reasonably well compared to what I hear of in the US. Our medical is waaaaaay better, & we don't have any of that co-pay stuff.

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