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The man Jesus can also be accused of hatred for the Jewish leaders, or maybe it was jealousy because he wanted their job! Either way hatred and jealousy are both sins in the bible. How can Jesus preach that if you even think a bad thought that you have committed murder in your heart, and then constantly bad mouth the Jewish leaders. Obviously Jesus had murdered them in his heart over and over again! Again we see favoritism where the god of the bible Jesus chooses to forgive anyone he wants and sends whoever he wants to hell. I fail to see any justice in a god that does not give everyone the same chance of forgiveness!

IpraiseMYSELF 6 June 3
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It's true that Jesus gave the religious leaders verbal lashings and could be violent towards furniture. He seems to have friendly relations with some religious leaders and we can infer how well he got on with Joseph of Arimathea. He hated hypocrisy and the way religious tradition had perverted the spirit of the law. Having said that in defence of Jesus' dealings with the these guys, I also feel sure it is a myth and was used to check rebellion in Judea.

brentan Level 8 June 4, 2018

The way I see it it's all about control: Produce guilt by setting an unattainable standard (if you think a hateful or lustful thought you may have just as well actually committed the act itself), create the harshest of punishments (eternal torture by fire), and create the loophole (accepting the faith) to gain followers and keep them coming back and giving to the church week after week. Notice that thought crime (correct me if I am not completely accurate on this aspect) and eternal damnation, only became a part of the religion when Judaism stopped being an exclusive club, and started to attempt to gain converts among gentiles.

Rossy92 Level 8 June 3, 2018

I agree, The times were changing and the romans needed to keep the Jews in line. They knew by Jewish history that the Jews would obey anything if they thought it was from god. Therefore they created a new religion through their self proclaimed apostle Paul that would make Jewish religion easier and be attractive to gentiles. Through time they changed the laws and made their perfect church that they now call the roman catholic church. People really think the roman government fell but the truth is they now run the world by religion!


Look it's all perfectly Straight forward, when you are your own dad who was born to a female type girl who was 14 and didn't agree to it, who you definitely did not rape, because you are god and god's son at the same time as you are a ghost, you don't have to follow your own laws, even though breaking them is worthy of burning forever in a place of ultimate evil that you created even though you are completely good and without sin, and so could have had no conception of evil in the first place.
See, QED it's all so simple!

It's hard to believe that people actually still believe in this story but then again I used to believe it too! That's why I try to show people the truth so they can enjoy life and not be in mental slavery to Jesus and the church of money!

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