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Jesus not only hated the Jewish religious leaders but also hated the gentiles. Gentiles is a racist term that Jews use to describe anyone who is not Jewish! They believe that anyone who does not convert to Judaism is a heathen and will be punished by god. Even if you do convert to Judaism You can never really be a Jew unless you are born a Jew so they will never fully accept you as one of their own. Jesus calls the gentiles "dogs" and has little respect for them. He does however cast a demon out of a woman's daughter who is a Greek gentile, but Jesus never forgives any gentile of sins in all of his ministry, he only forgives Jews. Why would anyone who is not Jewish (gentile) believe that Jesus would forgive them of their sins when he never did it in the bible? The answer is because Paul the self proclaimed apostle tells gentiles that Jesus will save them of their sins, even though Paul never met Jesus at all!

IpraiseMYSELF 6 June 4
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The acceptance of Gentiles into Christianity is not found in the Gospels but started with Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles (Acts 22). He and Peter, who became the first Pope, clashed over this, as Peter insisted that gentiles convert to Judaism (Galatians). Paul eventually won the argument. For this reason, some scholars regard Paul as the true founder of Christianity as we know it today.

Heraclitus Level 8 June 7, 2018

So true, and some people also call Paul the self proclaimed apostle because he was never chosen by Jesus or even met Jesus. He claims to have had a vision of Jesus but never meets Jesus even though Jesus supposedly came back to hundreds of people after his resurrection from the dead. LOL. I think Jesus would have definitely came back and met the man who was going to be responsible for the majority of the writings in his new testament bible that his followers claim is the "word of god."


I am watching a show about the "Book of Thomas." Fascinating! Confirms what I though. Christianity as it is practiced is corrupted and it's teachings are NOT the true teachings of Jesus.

Jesus' teachings were for the Jewish religion and not christianity because he was Jewish and only concerned with the Jews. Christianity did not even exist during this time. The true teachings of Jesus if he even existed, were probably a lot of really bad teachings that didn't make much sense otherwise the Christian religion wouldn't have had to change it as times changed like they have through the catholic church. I have not seen the "book of Thomas" but I am interested in watching and reading anything about this. Thanks for telling me about it!


Yup most Christians don't realise they are more Paulists than actual Jesus followers.
Today in the RC church Paul is revered as a true apostle, but look a little closer and you will find he was reviled by the RC for centuries, and his epistles were only returned to the RC Cannon as a concession to the Marcionites, a rival faction of Christians the Church of Roman was so fearful of, and were so unable to massacre as they did with so many others, that they had to sue for peace and amalgamate with them; though ultimately this did not happen a large number of Marcionites were absorbed in to the mother Church and their teaching whittled away over the next few centuries, until today the few Marcionites still existence are again reviled, but Paul has stayed in the Canon of scripture. Seems the little shit was too useful to be dispensed with entirely when it came to petty rules and making money.


Your post is true and full of helpful info. Thank you for sharing it.

freedom41 Level 8 June 4, 2018

Thank you, I have had a request to put the actual scripture in with my posts and I am working on that. If you have any posts or suggestions please feel free to put them up, that's what this is all about! A place to vent.

@IpraiseMYSELF I will keep that in mind. If I want rant on about the bs of christainity and so forth.

"They are afraid they will incur the wrath of God."
Perhaps the most presumptuous statement I have heard in a while, 🙂

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