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The bible clearly shows that Jesus could not control his temper and on one occasion went crazy and is guilty of assaulting people in the Jewish temple. The bible states that Jesus saw the people buying and selling animals in the temple so they could atone for their sins which was customary in the Jewish religion. Remember, the Jews and Christians both believe that the only way to atone for your sins is by killing something and shedding it's blood. The Jews believe in killing animals while the Christians believe in killing a man. When Jesus saw this he got angry and made a whip. Then Jesus went into the temple and started chasing people with the whip and turning over their tables dumping their money on the floor and releasing their animals. I often wonder how many business men had their lives destroyed and their business' ruined by this one act of insanity. It amazes me that after reading this people still believe Jesus was a sinless person. I like to ask Christians what they would think of me if I walked into church during tithing time, grabbed everyone's money off the offering plate and threw it on the ground outside for everyone to grab. Then I took a whip and chased everyone out of the church! Then I ask them, "do you think that would be a sin?" Everyone I have asked this says, " yes of course that would be a sin." Then I ask them, " do you think I would be arrested and punished?" Again the answer is always, "yes." Then when I explain to them that Jesus did the same thing they get angry and do not want to talk anymore!

IpraiseMYSELF 6 June 5
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You would not win an argument with knowledgeable Christians on this point. They would call his anger "self-righteous anger" and describe it as a godly emotion. Only God is entitled to self-righteous anger because only God is righteous.

Heraclitus Level 8 June 7, 2018

Jesus is not held to Christian law like most Christians think but Jewish law! Christianity did not even exist when Jesus was supposedly alive. The messiah must be sinless to be a perfect sacrifice according to the law! Jesus himself states that even thinking a bad thought is a sin, so by his own words he condemns himself every time he gets angry at anyone.

Show me ONE knowledgeable Christian! LOL. I do understand your point that Christians are hard headed and think their god can hold humanity to laws that their god cannot keep himself!

@IpraiseMYSELF Interesting point! If Christians reject the Jewish law for the Messiah, then they reject Jesus as the Messiah or Christ.


It would be better to compare what happened back then to some entrepreneurs using the premises of a cathedral as a marketplace. If the priest got angry and drove them out, he might be arrested for aggression but serious questions would be asked about the abuse of the premises by the businessmen. In John's Gospel, Jesus' anger is explained in chapter 2, verse 17 "His disciples remembered that it was written, “Zeal for your house will consume me.” This is in Psalm 69:9.

brentan Level 8 June 5, 2018

True, Jesus' disciples think he is justified to sin because it is his house yet the fact remains that for Jesus to be the messiah like Christians claim he must follow all of the Jewish laws and he did not. Zeal for your house is obviously not justification for breaking the law! Furthermore these businessmen were there providing a service to people who needed animals to sacrifice. No one at the temple cared about it except for Jesus! If he was not the Christ then what right did he have to say anything? If you think he was the Christ then why is it ok for god to sin but not anyone else? Is god holding the human race to a standard he can not keep himself?

@IpraiseMYSELF I think Christians expect Jesus to be Buddhist-like in his composure. I think they also think Jesus should be judged by our law, but whether he sinned or not would be judged by Jewish law. Considering how eager the authorities were to put a stop to his preaching, I think they never saw a case in what happened in the temple. True, sales needed to be made to make the temple economy work, but going by Jesus’ words, they had taken over the temple and made it into a den of thieves.

@brentan Jesus is a thief because he robs people of their self worth by his message that we are all sinners and need him to be whole again. Jesus didn't even exist but the words that people have put with his name are causing people to become slaves to a religion that must be destroyed in order for humanity to move on from religious persecution and war! Jesus and what he stands for is not love but hate.

@IpraiseMYSELF Well, I would criticise the passive-aggressive nature of Christianity in the way Nietzsche describes it but I don't think this is relevant to the discussion of what happened in the temple.


The Jesus as portrayed in the Bible is NOT the real Jesus. Check out the Book of Thomas. It turns Christianity on its head

I don't think there is a real Jesus. Is the Book of Thomas about gnostic Christianity?

@brentan - It was found in a Coptic tomb in Egypt.

The councils of Nicea and Ankara edited what could and could not be considered canon scripture and attempted to burn anything that did not fit with the Constantine view in force in Rome.
Fortunately the Gnostics manage to save many of their texts from the barbaric actions of the bishops and preserved the alternate view of the Jesus legends.

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