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Why are you not wearing a mask to protect your fellow citizen in the shop?

"The scientists acknowledge there are still parts of the puzzle of evidence missing when it comes to airborne transmission but say we still have much to learn about large droplet transmission too.

They say until we have a vaccine, all routes of transmission must be interrupted and if the importance of ventilation isn't recognised, there will be "significant consequences".

"People may think that they are fully protected by adhering to the current recommendations, but in fact, additional airborne interventions are needed for further reduction of infection risk," the scientists say."

Australian governments do not advocate or recommend that citizens wear face masks - quite the contrary.


FrayedBear 9 July 6
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I agree. Dump them in shopping centres and make them free. Easy for older people.

David1955 Level 8 July 6, 2020

Sadly it is the elderly who are most at risk. The cost of masks is next to nothing in most places other than Australia where rip off is the name of the game.
I wrote to my local federal MP months ago. Initially she was all excited but then was obviously smacked down by the official line of senicide and so has never written back.
If it has been considered sensible for surgeons & assisting staff to wear masks when operating on patients for the last 100 years it is a no brainer to accept that wearing masks in public will prevent the spread of infection.

@FrayedBear yep, and Australians don't have this perverse view that some Americans have that a mask would be an affront to their liberty and freedom. I like Americans but some 'em are downright loco.

@David1955 SOME! IMO the majority.

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