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There is no democracy when states conspire against individuals identifying state lying & immorality by targetting, torturing & illegally prosecuting them. Why do you disagree?.

John Pilger berates Stalinist like trial of Julian Assange:


FrayedBear 9 Sep 7
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Saw Penny Wong on telly today re 2 journo's who did the runner from China. She was crapping on about Australian values, importance of freedom of press blah blah blah. I immediately thought 2 things;
The raid on the ABC reporter.

I view RT amongst other outlets and their headline is "World wide condemnation" regarding Assange's trial. Pity that doesn't include the Australian government or media.

Utter utter hypocrisy.

powder Level 8 Sep 8, 2020

Yes I agree. Look, I think Assange went off the rails, but what the true story is about that, with all the Yankee spin and propaganda and maybe false flag operation, we just do not know. America is so corrupt i doubt everything it says about everything, frankly. Inanycase, the gutless complicity of the sycophantic Australian government over this and everything else with America is shameful. Pilger is right as he often is. We all know that Australia has been America's bitch since the alliance in 1941, and the Whitlam slapdown in 1975 was a permanent reminder that we should never ever consider having an independent foreign policy. It's shameful, and you can choose any political party as they're all the same. Australia should be helping Assange, but Australia's balls are in a jar in Washington and likely to stay there.

David1955 Level 8 Sep 8, 2020

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