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Are ScumMo and Co. for real?
Stimulate the flagging economy by reducing/ cutting wages to the Workers, etc, etc, and giving Tax Breaks to the 'Big End of Town.'
Trickle Down Economics at its very best is what they cite perpetually.
FFS, anyone with half a brain knows that IF you want a tree to grow better you do NOT prune its roots, instead you encourage the roots to grow thus encouraging the tree to grow because the roots feed the tree not the reverse.
The ordinary people are the primary source of incomes, etc, for the Big Businesses, hence, without money to spend the whole 'pyramid' collapses in upon itself.
Increase what the average people have available to them, give them the Tax Breaks and increase the taxes, mostly that are never paid btw, on the Big End of Town and then watch the economy grow.

Triphid 8 Oct 2
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Anybody who saw what happened to us all after the Unions got weakened & Trickle Down became a thing know this to be completely True!


You know the old right wing saying: if you should continue to fail, try try the same old discredited policies again and again.

David1955 Level 8 Oct 3, 2020

And as the 'Demi'God' of the Liberal Party once said, " The average people should NOT be permitted nor allowed to either rise above their station in life, nor be permitted/allowed more than the very necessities and means for survival, they SHOULD only be allowed such things as bread, beer and rental housing, etc, lest they forget and deem themselves to be our equals." - Robert Menzies speech on becoming Leader of the Australian Liberal Party.

@Triphid good one. My favourite Menzies speech is one he gave in Parliament, 1938, UAP PM, rejecting the Labor party's claims about Hitler, saying that Germany was fortunate to have a strong leader like Adolf, and if ever all those lefties took over Australia he hoped we might find a strong leader like Hitler to save us. All forgotten after the outbreak of WW2, of course. I looked up the quote in Hansard in the my uni library to check back in the 70s, so shocked I was. Pig Iron Bob indeed.

@David1955 yeah he well earned the 'nickname' Pig-Iron Bob from his penchant of selling Australian pig-iron ingots to Japan and then, later, having them dropped upon Darwin as a 'thank you.'
Imo, IF there ever was a rating scale for absolute unmitigated Scumbags then Menzies would have to be in at least the top 10 or even the top 5 just below or equal to what "The Big Australian" ( B.H.P.) did to the miners and peoples of Broken Hill.